About B.


B. is a small town gal born and raised in Kentucky (yup, she has a twang y'all!), who has always had big city fashion dreams! She was taught to mind her manners, a lady never kisses and tells, and to always take the high road.....BUT sis was always known for playing by her own rules! (just ask her parents lol) She's refined yet rebellious; the perfect mix of order and chaos, and most importantly, she represents the women who redefine the laws of normality. She curated B. Noir with a Southern Belle heart, a #GirlBoss ambition, and an unapologetic sense of self. B. Noir is a multifaceted brand, offering a style for every story, and striving to empower women to be every aspect of themselves, with NO regrets! We are "redefining style one layer at a time"...we are creating our very own cyber legacy. 



We are so grateful for all of our sisters, and we thank you for your continued support! Take a pic and tag us in your photos on social media @thebnoir

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